Winter Newsletter 2013

As the seasons change we all feel each season's unique energy and dynamic.  According to Chinese Medicine,  in order to maintain our health, we, as a part of nature need to adapt our routines to seasonal changes to mirror the energy of the current season.  In the classic text, The Huang Di Nei Jing, winter is a time to consolidate and go inward:


"The three months of winter, they denote securing and storing.  The water is frozen and the earth breaks open.

Do not disturb the yang qi.  Go to rest early and rise late.  You must wait for the sun to shine.

Let the mind enter a state as if hidden, as if you had secret intentions, as if you already had made gains."


Huang Di Nei Jing


In Western culture we do the exact opposite - we go into overdrive for the last few months of the year.  The heightened excitement and preparation for the holidays forces most of us to burn the candle at both ends throwing ourselves even more out of balance with nature.


If you have never tried acupuncture it is a perfect time to try a treatment  to rebalance and reconnect to your internal energy  and the energy of the natural environment around you.


December Special for new patients, first treatment only
 If you are a new patient make an appointment between December 1 and December 31, 2013 and receive $5 dollars off your first visit for a rate of $60 dollars.  Mention the discount when you make the appointment.

Internal Harmony Acupuncture December  2013 Special


New Patients, 1st Visit  $60


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