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"I began seeing Annora because I had an injury associated with running.  She analyzed the specific injury but also assessed my physical system totally.  Her treatment not only resolved the injury it improved generally how I feel and enhanced my energy.  Her practice of acupuncture convinces me that periodic and, for me, frequent treatments help me maintain high quality, injury-free health and a sense of well being I had not known before.  Annora cares about and is very sensitive to the well being of her patients.  She is the consummate professional."    - John S.

"I had a great acupuncture treatment from Annora. She is very knowledgeable and calming too! I wanted to try acupuncture because I was going through a lot of stress, both personal and in my job, and was also having trouble sleeping/insomnia.  She explained everything she was doing and was very receptive to my questions. I liked the location of the office and also the office was nice, too! She really helped me with my issues and I am still continuing with her/acupuncture--and looking forward to more treatments with Annora!"      -  Jules J.

"I have had several great acupuncture treatments with Annora, for both maintenance and once for stomach discomfort after a mild bout of gastroenteritis. She was thorough, professional and caring. She was very detailed and clear about explaining what she planned to do before she did anything, took the time to answer my questions, and was very calming about the use of needles (I do not like them as a general rule). The needles were painless and the treatments were very beneficial.  I felt an overall increase in general well-being after the maintenance treatments and my mild stomach discomfort was reduced to a barely noticeable level after just one visit. I really felt that she analyzed all of my complaints, and took the time to ask detailed questions about my symptoms before proceeding. The treatments never felt rushed, and I always felt treated with great care."      -  Angi C.

"Annora is lovely and kind, oozing 'healer' through every pore in her body. She spent as much time I needed going through my case history, asking questions about where I was at and what I needed from the treatment. Her grace and easy manner, partnered with a depth of intuitive and concrete knowledge, made for an excellent experience for this first-timer to acupuncture."      -  Andrea B.

"I have been receiving acupuncture for over 20 years for a back injury and stress.  I started seeing Annora while she was an intern at Pacific College after months of rehab following surgery on my right elbow.  At first I did not feel much relief but being experienced with acupuncture, I know several treatments are often needed.  Over the next visits, Annora spent extra time working on my elbow and I did find relief.

I followed Annora into her private practice and continue to receive treatments for a variety of things.  Some treatments are what I call practitioner's choice as determined by her tongue and pulse diagnosis.  I trust and enjoy seeing her weekly and have encouraged others to see Annora to find the comfort I found in acupuncture with her gentle and skillful touch."      -  Gordon D.

"Owner Annora Cheng has been treating my mother, who has painful arthritis in her knee.  Annora is patient and soothing, always putting my mother at ease and making her comfortable.  Annora's magic needles have worked wonders - after only a few treatments, the pain diminished noticeably.  Agree with the other reviewers - Annora is a natural healer; acupuncture is her true calling.  Love her!"      -  Alison B.

"Annora is an amazing acupuncturist!  I've been to many and she is the best.  Her energy is calming and soothing.  She is a good listener and a true healer. She is very concerned about your comfort.   (Also, you don't feel any pain when she puts in the needles!).  I would def recommend her!"    - Madison M.

"I was suffering from shoulder pain for quite sometime. I had one treatment with Annora Cheng.  Soon after the treatment the pain was gone.  Annora is caring and very concern of how you feel..and has a serene way of making you comfortable during treatment.  I am looking forward to more treatments with Annora with other issues."    - Eva T.

"I first met Annora as my yoga instructor. Her harmony with voice, mind, and body always impressed me. When I heard she now practiced acupuncture, I wanted to try her out. I was suffering from sciatica pain that was resistant to other treatments including other acupuncture therapists. Amazingly, she was able to relieve the pain in my back. I have since gone to her for restorative treatment as well as other specific ailments: muscle tension, post shoulder surgery recovery, and other pains. I don't know how she does it; she's able to find the right combination to work on my specific issues.

I recommend Annora to my friends and return to her often for various treatments."      - Ivan F