Treatments and Expectations

What can I expect at my first treatment?
  • A detailed intake and review of body systems and past health history from both a Western and Eastern perspective.  Click to download New patient forms here
  • Discussion and history of your current concerns
  • Inspection of tongue (avoid brushing your tongue before each treatment)
  • Palpation of pulses
  • 20-30 minute needle retention with stimulation when appropriate
  • Additional treatment therapies may be used (moxa, cupping etc.)
  • Please plan to spend approximately 90 minutes in total for the 1st treatment
  • Followup visits are scheduled for 60 minutes
  • Be sure to eat something light prior to your treatment
  • It is recommended that you wear comfortable loose fitting clothing
Is Acupuncture Safe?
Yes, when performed by a licensed professional.  Acupuncture needles are sterilized, pre-packaged, disposable needles.
Is Acupuncture painful?
Some report feeling a slight pinch on needle insertion followed by a sensation of heat, heaviness, cramping, dull ache, or energy sensation running along the channel (this sensation varies among individuals and is called De Qi).
How many treatments will I need?
Treatment lengths vary from person to person depending on the condition, how long you have had the condition, and your constitution.  Most begin to feel a difference after 5-8 weekly visits.
What will I feel after my treatment?
Experiences vary, some report feeling energized while others may feel slightly fatigued.  Both of these sensations are normal.  It is recommended after a treatment to stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, heavy meals and any strenuous activity.